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Jay Scott, a career prosecutor with more than 29 years of experience, was elected Macon County State’s Attorney in 2012.  He was raised in Bethany, Illinois, earned his BA in History from the University of Illinois in 1983, and graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1986.  He began his career as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Warren County, Illinois in 1987, and in 1988 became an Assistant State’s Attorney in Macon County.  He lives in Decatur, has four children, and is a member of Pilgrim Lutheran Church



  • Felony jury trial conviction rate has increased 29%

  • Felony sex crime conviction rate has improved from 33% to 100%, a 203% increase

  • The office has sent more violent felons, more serious property crime felons, and more felons PERIOD, to prison, per capita, than any county in Illinois


  • Elderly Victims Crime Unit to crack down on criminals who prey upon our Senior Citizens

  • Gang & Weapons Prosecution Unit to remove gangbangers and weapons offenders from our streets

  • Elder Fraud Hotline, in partnership with Sheriff Thomas Schneider, with both men sharing responsibility for personally answering all calls

  • Enlisted the assistance of local news media outlets to rapidly warn residents of new scams targeting Macon County, preventing residents from becoming victims

  • Community Outreach Program to increase the involvement of the office with our citizens, participating in more than 200 presentations, trainings, and events


  • Achieved a 91% trial conviction rate against 162 felony defendants

  • Successfully prosecuted every type of case handled by the State’s Attorney’s Office

  • Member of the prosecution team that convicted Michael Slover, Sr., Michael Slover, Jr., and Jeannette Slover of the 1996 First Degree Murder and dismemberment of Karyn Hearn

  • Convicted James Huff for the 1995 abduction and First Degree Murder of three year old Sarah Kramer

  • Convicted William Richter in 2010 for the First Degree Murder of Dawn Marquis, the first case in Illinois in which a deceased victim’s hearsay statements were admitted at trial

  • Convicted Chad Cutler of First Degree Murder in 2015 for the premeditated drowning of his wife in their bathtub

  • Prosecuted 21 First Degree Murder trials, including four death penalty cases

  • Removed more than 35 killers from Macon County’s streets

  • As a Drug Prosecutor achieved a 97% trial conviction rate against 94 felony drug offenders, resulting in prison sentences totaling more than 1100 years, and secured the forfeiture of more than $3.2 million in drug dealers’ money and assets


  • Developed and implemented the Adult Diversion Program in 1992, which diverts appropriate first-time low-level criminal offenders out of the court system

  • Developed and implemented the Deferred Prosecution Program in 1995, which diverts first time offenders with drug dependencies for treatment and sanctions outside the court system

    • The Adult Diversion Program and Deferred Prosecution Program currently process an average of more than 300 cases each year, saving the tax dollars that would be required to prosecute the cases in court
    • These programs collect nearly $100,000 annually in program fees for the Macon County General Fund
    • Since Jay was elected, the Adult Diversion Program has collected an annual average of $32,000 in restitution for crime victims
  • Beginning in 1997 served as Project Director for the Macon County Drug Court Planning Committee, which established Macon County’s first Drug Court


Illinois State Police Region III Commander Certificate of Recognition, 2003

“In recognition of the exemplary professionalism and unfailing dedication you displayed during the investigation of the homicidal death of Sergeant Myron Deckard of the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office. Your actions as a member of the criminal justice team which investigated and prosecuted the perpetrator of this crime contributed significantly to its successful outcome and reflected favorably upon your personal commitment to your role as a public servant.”

Illinois State Police Task Force X Award, 2001

“In Acknowledgement and Appreciation of Your Support and Dedication on Behalf of Task Force X-Decatur.”

Illinois M.E.G. Directors and Task Force Commanders Association Award, 1999

“In Recognition and Appreciation of Your Outstanding Prosecutorial Activities in Support of Task Force X-Decatur.”

Illinois State Police Task Force X Award, 1998

“In Acknowledgement and Appreciation for your Energetic Work, Devotion, and Contribution to Task Force X-Decatur.”

Illinois M.E.G. Directors and Task Force Commanders Association Award, 1997

“In Recognition of Your Dedicated Performance in Prosecuting Task Force X Drug Cases.”

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